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What is Momail?

Momail is a clever little php-script that allows you to read your e-mail on any wap-enabled device. This includes most mobile phones even the older ones. To find out more about Momail check its features below.

Who is Momail?

Momail was written by Maarten Laurs and first released to the public on april 14th 2004. Maarten started writing php scripts as a hobby and Momail is one of the first scripts that he has donated back to the php community. Since then the script has changed significantly due largely to suggestions made by the people who use Momail on a daily basis.

Why was Momail created?

Momail was created, like many things are, out of a desire to do something that wasn't possible or easy before. In the case of Momail this was reading e-mail on a mobile telephone. Most new mobile phones nowadays will allow you to do that or more, but still quite a few people keep on using Momail.


  • a single file
  • userfriendly installation
  • multiple number of e-mailproviders
  • supports IMAP and POP3 mailservers
  • compatible with any wap 1.0 enabled device
  • handles both secure and non-secure connections
  • reads virtually any message type (text / html or multipart) and character encoding

Be sure to take a look at the full list of features that are supported by Momail. You can find them here.


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