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Features of Momail

Multiple Providers

Do you have multiple e-mailaccounts that you want to check? With Momail you can do just that on any wap 1.0 enabled device.

Multiple users

Simply leave out the username and password when installing the script and Momail is ready to be used in a multi-user environment. The script will ask you to enter the data before it connects to any e-mail server.

Manage your inbox

With Momail you can also delete any unwanted messages from your inbox. It has a confirmation dialog build into it, which reduces the chances of accidently deleting an important message.

Attachment information

Momail retrieves all information about the attachments that an e-mail message may contain. It will then display the filename and filesize of every attachment that it has found.

Unread Mail Indicator

Momail lets you know how many unread messages there are on every mailserver without having to check them one-by-one yourself. When connecting to the mailserver with IMAP instead of POP3 Momail marks the messages your have read, so the next time you use Momail you only see the real number of unread messages.

Read even the longest messages

Wap-browsers are very limited in the amount of data they can receive. Momail therefore checks the length of every e-mail and displays the messages split-out over multiple pages if necessary.

HTML E-mail

Wap-browsers can not handle true HTML, but Momail allows you to read HTML enriched e-mail nevertheless. The messages are simply converted by Momail into something that can be read by your wap-browser.

Character Encoding

Many languages use non-asci characters like accents. Different e-mail clients handle and encode these characters in their own way. Most wap-browsers only understands one of those encodings, so Momail tries to recognise the different encoding types and translates them into something your wap-browser does understand.


These two protocols cover every possible mailserver except servers that use the HTTPMail protocol, like Hotmail for instance. If you are looking for a script that handles Hotmail I suggest you take a look at the WAP Interface for Hail by Emir Sakic.

Secure and Non-secure connections

If you need to make a secure connection to your mailserver Momail can handle that as well. The only downfall to this is that the security certificate issued by the server can not be verified at this time, so do not rely on Momail if you need a truly verified connection.


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